The Changing Media Environment

This is an extraordinary time in our history. We are in an environment where social media is ubiquitous, it is in nearly every global household spanning young, old, rich and poor. This bloodless revolution has changed the way we read the news, get our mail, talk to our friends, network, decide our dining preference, and purchase everything from toilet paper to rare automobiles. We do it all online. And it happens in milliseconds.

At last count, more than 60 million worldwide bloggers are talking about everything from wigs, wine, wedding bling and grandma’s recipes. According to Technorati, nearly 100K new blogs are created each day. Consumer generated media is so powerful, it helped elect the most unlikely of candidates, President Barack Obama, against nearly impossible odds.

On the flip side, traditional media as we know it, is taking it’s last gasping breaths. Many reporters we’ve relied on for decades are going the way of the dinosaurs; by virtue of reduced space for editorial; daily layoffs; and the rise of the proletariat blogger.

The ascendency of the blogger and the ubiquity of social media have transformed the practice of word of mouth marketing and media relations and the very definition of influencer.

How will social media affect the future of your business?

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