The Video Resume: Tips And Examples

If you are applying to our social media marketing paid internship we have listed some great examples of video resumes from individuals and that we found for you on YouTube.

In the below video, “Melody” provides a great example of a video resume directed at a specific person at a company.  Very clever!  She offers solutions to the company and describes her new found passion for marketing and her desire to apply her enthusiasm to the company.  She also gives specific examples of her experience in a fun and engaging way.   The best part for us?  We get a real feel for her experience and sense of humor.

“G’s” video resume is beautifully done.  He is a past winner of’s monthly video contest and with good reason.  His approach is not specific to a company or industry, but he explains his experience very clearly, provides a glimpse of his personal interests visually (headphones on as he explains his passion for music) and most importantly after introducing himself, he immediately tells us why his experience is unique.

In this video “how to” from they give great tips on creating a winning video resume to give yourself the edge on the competition.  The tips include:

  1. Clean and simple background
  2. Make sure your room where you are shooting your video is clean (this will have the double added bonus of making your mother proud)
  3. Make sure there is no background noise
  4. Think news anchor
  5. Shoot from the chest up
  6. Memorize what you’re going to say, don’t read from your resume
  7. Speak clearly and slowly
  8. Dress professionally
  9. Be yourself – employers want to get to know you.
  10. No longer than 2 minutes
  11. Tailor your video to the industry you are applying to
  12. Remember to include your experience

There are many great examples and we look forward to seeing your video resume.    For more information on our available social media marketing position, check out this post:  The Resume is Dead.


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