Good Bedfellows: Why SEO and Public Relations Should Marry

By Carin Galletta

In many organizations the search engine optimization and the public relations teams don’t work together. And this is a huge missed opportunity since 75 percent of search results are due to the activity that happens off your website. Public relations tactics such as press releases, blogger engagement, guest blogging, forum commenting and other external communications efforts can, if strategically executed, dramatically impact your organic search rank.

Steakhouse Google Search ResultsThe first introduction consumers and media have to your company are your Google search results. Generally, searchers are not typing in the name of your company, they are searching for terms such as “steakhouse”, “restaurant”, “Great Napa wine tasting room” and other category keywords. If your competitor comes up ahead of you, most likely the click will go to them and not your company.

According to recent research from the Chitika, an advertising data analytics firm, the first page, first position result is worth double the traffic of the number two spot.

But don’t despair, even small search rank improvements can make a big difference: moving from the Off Site Search Engine Optimization Worksfirst position on the second page to the last position on the first page will see a 143 percent jump in traffic. For a highly competitive industry like fine dining restaurants, this could make the difference between staying in business and having to close your doors.

In addition to helping with your search rank results, search optimization can drive referrals, word of mouth recommendations and establish your company’s expert status in a category, as well as, provide many other benefits.

PHOTO CREDITS: Google photo – ManFrys; Despair Finger - Juliana Coutinho

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