The Art of Storytelling: Top 10 Tips From The Kitchen Sisters

By Carin Galletta Oliver

This morning’s keynote address at the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association‘s annual Summit focused on building community through storytelling.

Peabody award-winning public radio producers, The Kitchen Sisters, Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva, shared 10 tips for great storytelling. And great storytelling should just be for media and entertainment, brands can greatly benefit by their techniques.

Brands can adopt these tips when crafting advertising, developing content, press releases and any other communication whether it is for an internal or external audiences.

Although they are best known for their National Public Radio (NPR) shows, they shared this morning that they really consider themselves to be filmmakers. Visuals such as handwritten notes, photos, and graphics have a dynamic impact on the viewer. For the Kitchen Sisters, great stories have great texture and always ‘ride’ on music.

10 Tips For Great Storytelling From The Kitchen Sisters

  1. Give the story a face
      The official company spokesperson may not be your best story teller. Widen your gaze around your company to look for the person who can fill the role.
  2. Tell the backstory
      Have a great company history? Share it. It’s what people will tell their friends
  3. Stories beget stories
      Introduce the story “theme” and if it’s well rendered your audience will contribute.
  4. Your audience wants to be galvanized
      Provide stories and opportunities for your consumers to get involved and participate. Ask for input and allow them to share their stories.
  5. Secret, underground, below the radar
      People love to believe they are getting information that others may not know.
  6. Remember the Rule of 3
      Provides beautiful architecture for storytelling.
  7. Summon the elders
      Some of the best storytellers are those with the most experience. Give them a forum to share.
  8. It’s all within 10 feet
      You don’t need to look outside of your walls for inspiration, it’s all around you.
  9. Funny is good

  10. Heart is even better

      Show the passionate side of your company story.

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PHOTO: Courtesy of the US ARMY

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