Wines By The Glass Survey Results – At A Glance

Wine by The Glass Consumption Statistics Overview:

Napa Technology, developer of the WineStation Intelligent Wine Preservation and Dispensing System, commissioned a survey of more than 150 top sommeliers, wine directors, and hotel and restaurant operators, to discover wine by the glass consumption is not only on the rise, but that consumers are willing to pay more for the experience of tasting a wine by the glass that would otherwise be cost prohibitive by the bottle.

  1. Do you believe that consumers are more wine savvy today than they were four years ago?
    1. Yes 88.2%
    2. No 11.8%
  2. Are wine consumers demanding more wines by the glass choices now than in the past?
    1. Yes 88.1%
    2. No 11.9%
  3. Do you believe that consumers are more willing to order an expensive wine by the glass, that would be otherwise cost prohibitive to order by the whole bottle?
    1. Yes 86.7%
    2. No 13.3%
  4. Do you believe it is important to have a wine preservation system to have more profitable wines by the glass program?
    1. Yes 81.2%
    2. No 18.8%
  5. What prompted the need for a wine preservation system in your venue? (Multiple choice)
    1. Pristine product presentation (taste, temp) 54.8%
    2. Product control 54.8%
    3. Increase or improve profitability 35.5%
    4. Reduction in waste due to spoilage 64.5%
    5. The ability to offer finer/high priced wines 67.7%
    6. To increase the number of wines by the glass 51.6%
    7. The ability to offer promotions (wine flights, events, etc)
  6. What is the customer reaction to your wine preservation system?
    1. None 14.3%
    2. Positive 51.4%
    3. Customer expects it for higher priced wines 28.6%
    4. Encourages increased sampling and purchase 20%
  7. What percentage of your total wine sales, do wines by the glass account for in your establishment?
    1. 1-10 percent – 16.4 %
    2. 10-20 percent – 21.3 %
    3. 20-50 percent – 39.3 %
    4. 50+ percent – 23 %
  8. Are consumers today ordering more wines by the glass versus by the bottle than in previous years?
    1. Yes 85.5%
    2. No 14.5%
  9. Compared to four years ago, has consumption of wines by the glass sales increased, decreased or stayed the same?
    1. Increased 86.9%
    2. Decreased 3.3%
    3. Stayed the same 9.8%
  10. Do high end, rare, or expensive wines by the glass offerings entice consumers to purchase what they would not otherwise purchase by the bottle?
    1. Yes 73.4%
    2. No 26.6%

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Commissioned by Napa Technology, the wines by the glass survey took place in April 2011. The sample size included a mix of 188 sommeliers, wine directors, restaurateurs, hotel operators and buyers who were contacted by Ink Foundry via a private database, select open and closed social networks and one to one phone interviews. Individuals who participated in the survey were existing users of wine preservation systems, non-users of preservation systems, multi-unit restaurant chains, upscale single-unit fine dining restaurants, and national luxury hotel brands.

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